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Joanjo Albinyana

            Born in Olleria (Valencia) he started piano studies in the Academia “Ad Artem” under the supervision of Margarita Roda. His advanced studies were in the Valencia Superior Conservatoire and the Escuela  Superior of Música ‘Jesús Guridi’ in Vitoria with Albert Nieto. 


            He has undertaken further classes with José Francisco Alonso, and has received tuition in music courses and masterclasses with the following artists: José Francisco Alonso, Angel Berrocal, Ana Fujita, Kioko Ozawa, Mitsui Izumi, Arie Vardi, Frédèric Gevers, and Boris Bermann. 


            He has given recitals as soloist in Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Austria, and he has gained a prestigious reputation in chamber music recitals accompanying flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, horn, singing, saxophone, violin, cello and with the group Jacques Ibert.  However, above all, he is a founding member of the international concert trio ‘B3 Classic’, receiving accolades for his work with them.    


            Intending to be the ‘all-round’ musician, he has also studied conducting (both choral and orchestral) with José Francisco Alonso.  During a period he was the conductor of the  ‘Liberto Benet’  String Orchestra, the large choir ‘Orfeón Logroñes’, and the Rioja Philharmonic Orchestra. 


            A few years ago he was the head of the Piano department at the ‘La Rioja’ Conservatoire, and even more recently was the Principal of the Ontinyent Professional Music Conservatoire in Valencia where he is now a piano professor, thus being able to dedicate more of his time to the concert platform.

B3 Classic