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The B3 Classic Trio has been developing, since 1992, one of the most interesting chamber music paths within the European musical horizons. In 1997 they acieve a ‘grand prix Pierre Lantier’ in the International Paris Chamber Music Competition, since when they have appeared regularly in concert halls across Spain, France and Britain. Amongst their performances should be a mention of their participation in the Cheltenham International Music Festival, the recording for Spanish National Television of a cycle of four concerts titled “The change of century in Chamber Music”, and the broadcast of two special recitals for “Conciertos de La 2” (also for Spanish National Television).


In the field of contemporary music the B3 Classic Trio decidedly encourages the contemporary creation. A mention of some of the premieres undertaken (international and national) would include works by John McCabe, Martin Zalba, Rodney Newton, Jorge Grundman, Jonathan FeBland, etc.Their musicological work have given fruits too, such as the recuperation and recording of two works of Robert Kahn, and the trios of Ferdinand Ries, Archiduque Rodolfo, Anton Eberl, and the Spanish premiere and world first recording of the Trio Op. 43 of Adalbert Gyrowetz.


The performances of the B3 Classic Trio are characterized by a constant and conscious search uniting an informed historical vision together with the expressive impulse of their playing.


Amongst their recordings one might distinguish a number of broadcasts for Radio Clásica of Spanish National Radio, Köln Rundfunk, the recording of the sound music to the film ‘Dr. Vesalius’ for the London Film Institute (which has been a prizewinner international film festivals), audio-visual recordings for the Spanish television ‘Tele cinco’, the trio “Autumn Jouneys” for the CD label Arlu, the recording of the Trio Op. 11 of Beethoven for the Nice Festival in France, and the CD ‘B3 Classic Live’ which is a non-edited live recording of works by Beethoven, Zalba and D’Indy.


Recently, and edited by Warner Music, they have recorded two CDs with the titles “Chamber Music Discoveries” and “New Chamber Music Discoveries” which have obtained a resounding success by the critics and sales (reaching the classical top ten in i-tunes). 


 Joan Borràs – Clarinet

David Johnstone – Cello   E-mail: david@b3classic.com or info@johnstone-music.com

Juan José Albinyana – Piano