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An excellent disc which comes into the market from the hands of Warner Music. The B3 Classic Trio continue their path with an excellent recording, one of great stature, and one which will refresh the chamber music panorama with the recording of works by Gyrowetz, Hartmann and Paul Juon.


Clarinet, cello and piano are all that is needed to recuperate scores which are not too well known, but offer the very best that chamber music has to offer. An exquisite interpretation of this music which deserves to be rescued from the neglect of concert programmers. This is truly a discovery and an important event; one which we can whole-heartedly recommend.




‘Mundo Clásico’ (Digital Magazine)

The interpretation of every work is impeccable, stylistically very correct, and of a refined sonorous quality. The sound recording, very well achieved: while listening to the recording one believes that the three musicians are right alongside, something which is especially welcoming in the field of chamber music.
 The fact that we have not heard more of them demonstrates, once again, what little interest is paid to chamber music so well played in Spain. So it should not surprise us that some of their major achievements have been gained in foreign countries.
And for those who do indeed like the intimate sonority of a trio of clarinet, cello and piano who play so well, this is a perfect occasion to spend a good time.

Musical Critic – Juan Krakenberger  

‘La Region’ , Orense (Galicia)

“The concert of the Music Club surprised a fervent and numerous public. The trio B3 Classic offered an exceptional quality in this type of formation. It was homage to Beethoven … but it was also the happy discovery of a Spanish chamber music trio destined to develope a wonderfully interesting future concert career.”

  Diario de Navarra’ , Navarra

 “This work (Sonata for Trio of McCabe) demanded of the three musicians  a high technical quality and a bold musical logic and they displayed it with natural facility.”                                                  (F. Perez Ollo)

 Magazine ‘Ritmo’ , Madrid

 “Not only do they enjoy making music together but the artistic results are brilliant.”

(Elena Trujillo)

  La Rioja’ , Rioja

 “A luxury trio” (Editorial comment)

“We were able to appreciate  the high chamber music level of this wonderful group, their absolute involvement with the work they are playing, and the continuous  musical texture always at the service of the music. You do not have the impression of hearing three instruments playing together, but one solo instrument with three different colours.”           


‘Diario de Huesca’ , Aragon

“the Septimino (Beethoven), a very well-known work, was on this occasion given an interpretation by the three artists absolutely correctly, revealing all its originality. It was very graceful, full of warmth and expression”.  


‘New Notes’ Magazine, London

“An enterprising trio investigating both classical and modern repertoire”.

‘Diario de Noticias’ , Navarra

“Three great professional players in their respective instruments – clarinet, cello and piano – and have hit upon a trio formation frankly attractive, full of richness of colour. The programme opened with a most splendid Beethoven (Op.11), under absolute technical control and extremely beautiful in the presentation of the themes, with an absolutely human-like cello in the Adagio which was answered in the same way by the clarinet. The piano, powerful fulfilling, completes the most perfect grouping.”