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[01/04/2012] - David Johnstone Principal Cello of the Navarre Symphony Orchestra -

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Here are some dates of the member of B3 Classic Trio:


April 2012

12 - Pamplona - Baluarte

13 - Pamplona - Baluarte

19 - Pamplona - Baluarte

20 - Pamplona - Baluarte

May 2012

4 - Villava - Casa de Cultura

9 - Pamplona - Baluarte

10 - Pamplona - Baluarte

11 - Pamplona - Baluarte

18 - Cartagena

19 - Murcia

[05/03/2012] - B3CT on Spanish National Radio (R.N.E.) in March -

The programme "Todas la mañanas del mundo" of Radio Clásica has programmed the B3 Classic Trio, interpreting one of its work from the CD:

"New Chamber Music Discoveries" of the Warner Music Label, Spain. It’s the Miniatures for Clarinet, Cello and Piano of PAUL JUON.

Descripció: imagen portada podcastDescripció: http://www.b3classic.com/B3CT%20en%20RNE%20RadioClasica%2006%2003%202012.jpg

Descripció: http://www.b3classic.com/NEW-CHAMBER_PORTADA.JPG"New Chamber Music Discoveries" del Sello Warner Music Spain.

This CD also has Works of  Adalbert Gyrowetz, Emile Hartmann and Robert Kahn. * Distributed by  ‘Creighton’s Collection’ in Great Britain and on internet.


[01/02/2012] Excellent review by David Hurwitz in the web of Classic Today of the CD "AUTUMN"  B3 Classic Trio.Descripció: http://www.b3classic.com/New%20Picture%20(1).jpg Descripció: http://www.b3classic.com/AUTUMN.jpg

Max Bruch's Eight Pieces is one of those undefinable works that tends to fall between the cracks in the repertoire, but the music is really delightful, and so is this performance. The ordering of the individual numbers has been rearranged here for maximum contrast, and while I'm not sure the result is necessarily "autumnal", it does provide for some very enjoyable listening. These three players work very well together, with Joan Borràs' mellow clarinet meshing very well with the timbre of the cellist, all supported by a finely judged piano accompaniment.

These observations hold equally true in the Brahms, one of his most relaxed chamber works despite its minor-key ambience. This is a notably fluid performance: the allegros have a natural feeling of real forward movement, the Andantino grazioso's waltz rhythms capture the elegance of the dance quite effectively, and the Adagio sings sweetly. The SACD engineering also permits the players to balance their lines naturally, warmly, and without the sometimes claustrophobic focus on the wind instrument that we often find in this repertoire. A lovely release.

David Hurwitz

[01/09/2011] Excellent review in the magazine RITMO from May 2011.

Ritmo 841 Mayo 2011    

Magazine Ritmo, May 2011, page 57:

"B3 Classic trio (Joan Borràs, clarinet; David Johnstone, Cello; Joanjo Albinyana, piano)

have risen themselves to the rank of chamber music of the highest level"   G. P. C.


[15/04/2011] Gran éxito de B3 Classic en la Sociedad Filarmónica de Segovia, en el Teatro Juan Bravo, el pasado 13 de abril.

Enlace a la crítica del diario digital  www.eladelantado.com


Es una formación equilibrada, donde suele liderar el clarinete, pero aquí se le dejó a Johnstone, el chelo, que liderase desde su grave sonido, a veces aterciopelado, otras veces fuerte y categórico, la nota melódica que nunca cesó a través de las tres obras, incluso los comentarios al público los hizo el británico en un castellano simpático y jovial.

... muy bien interpretado por Joan Borrás, buen instrumentista.

Buen arreglo, donde pudimos recordar y gozar de los famosos números.

Como bises, dos tangos, nada mejor para cerrar un buen concierto.

[22/01/2011] B3CT will perform in SEGOVIA.


On the 13th April 2011 the B3 Classic Trio will perform in the “Sociedad Filarmónica of Segovia”.


On the programme one can enjoy hearing:


B3 Live !

MAX BRUCH: A selection of pieces from Op.83

MIKHAIL GLINKA: Trio in D Minor “Pathetique”

B3 CLASSIC TRIO – BERNSTEIN: Trio Concertante on “ West Side Story”


Link for the  Sociedad Filármonica de Segovia:



[22/01/2011] Radio Clásica of Spanish National Radio have broadcast, in the programme 'The World of Phonography' (directed and produced by José Luis Oérez de Arteaga) on Saturday 22nd January 2011, the CD 'Autumn' of B3 classic Trio.

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Programmes of Radio Clásica

16.00 El mundo de la fonografía BRAHMS: Trío para clarinete, violonchelo y piano en La menor, Op.114 (26’20”). BRUCH: Ocho piezas para clarinete, violonchelo y piano, Op. 83 (nº 1-4) (18’05”). B3 Classic Trío.


[21/06/2010] - The prestigious Spanish clarinettist Joan Borràs receives THE BORRÀS DANCES

Joan Borràs, important clarinet professor in madrid and expert performer in chamber music, is the recipient of the most recent work by David Johnstone. The Borràs Dances are three pieces of dance character for clarinet and piano (duration 10mins 30"), but with the addition of an optional cello to be able to enjoy chamber music performances as well as clarinet recitals.

The sheet musis is available FOR FREE from the johnstone-music web page -

direct link: http://www.johnstone-music.co.uk/portada/free-music-scores/8/300/the-borrs-dances-clarinet-and-piano-cello-optional-

[21/06/2010] - The prestigious Spanish clarinettist Joan Borràs receives THE BORRÀS DANCES

Joan Borràs, important clarinet professor in madrid and expert performer in chamber music, is the recipient of the most recent work by David Johnstone. The Borràs Dances are three pieces of dance character for clarinet and piano (duratrion 10\' 30"), but with the addition of an optional cello to be able to enjoy chamber music performances as well as clarinet recitals.

The sheet musis is available FOR FREE from the johnstone-music web page -

direct link: http://www.johnstone-music.co.uk/portada/free-music-scores/8/300/the-borrs-dances-clarinet-and-piano-cello-optional-

[19/06/2010] - New Works for Accordion

Johnstone has produced two new works for the accordion,

and the scores are available for free from johnstone-music:


VOCALISE - dedicated to the young promising navarre accordionist Iñigo Miqueleiz, this piece picks up on the legacy of the famous piece of Rachmaninov, and Johnstone produces a very intimate work in a personal language ...

Link to download the sheet music: http://www.johnstone-music.co.uk/portada/free-music-scores/2/293/vocalise-solo-accordion

NAVARTANGO - a Concert Tango duo of considerable force, for two accordions. It is dedicated to the great Spanish tango and jazz accordionist Javier López Jaso ...

Link to download the sheet music: http://www.johnstone-music.co.uk/portada/free-music-scores/2/299/navartango-concert-tango-duo-for-two-accordions

[17/06/2010] - Song recital in the town of Ontinyent - València.

Joanjo Albinyana will today participate in a Song recital which takes place in the Main Hall of the Ontinyent Savings Bank in the town of Ontinyent in the Albaida Valley - region of Valencia. 


[13/06/2010] - Night Music of the Witches - performance by the Navarre Oboe Quartet and Belén Otxotorena

The Navarre Oboe Quartet (oboe - violin - viola - cello) and the actress Belén Otxotorena will present the show NIGHT MUSIC OF THE WITCHES (Noche de akelarre, in Spanish), a story about the Witches of Zugarramurdi, the last place in Spain where witches were burnt to death, in 1610. The music is by David Johnstone, and the texts written by Belén Otxotorena.

The event is organized by the Santa Cecilia Association of Calahorra (La Rioja) and Calahorra Town hall.

[10/06/2010] - Johnstone's accordion concerto receives its premiere

You are cordially invited to the premiere of the Concerto for Accordion and Orchestra of David Johnstone. 


Friday 18th June 2010

Conservatorio Pablo Sarasate

c) Mayor, Pamplona, Navarre


Soloist: Iñigo Miqueleiz

Orquesta del Conservatorio Profesional Pablo Sarasate

Conductor:  Koldo Pastor



I – Allegro moderato

II – Cantilena

III – Rapsodia-Finale

Written: 2009  /  Duration: 35 mins  /  Dedicated to Nekane Iturrioz, Angel Luis Goñi, and Salvador Parada


Score, soloist and orchestral parts available for FREE DOWNLOADING from the web page of johnstone-music 

www.johnstone-music.com  o  www.johnstone-music.co.uk )


[01/06/2010] - Johnstone's Vocalise !

David Johnstone has composed, during a sole morning, his own Vocalise. It is for string trio - violin, viola and cello - although there will be another version produced for an ensemble of three cellos. The only thing in common with the famous composition of Rachmaninov with the same name is the slowish and gentle movement of the quavers/eigth notes, but the intention has been to try and produce a miniature with the same beauty ...

Why not judge for yourself? ...

the link is: http://www.johnstone-music.co.uk/portada/free-music-scores/3/289/vocalise-string-trio

Free download of the sheet music

[31/05/2010] - New transcriptions of Beethoven by Johnstone


Johnstone-Music is hereby presenting two interesting transcriptions of Beethoven for cello ensembles.

BEETHOVEN - Sonatina in G Major / oroginally for piano, now it is possible to perform it with two cellos.

Link: http://www.johnstone-music.co.uk/portada/free-transcriptions/2/151/beethoven-sonatina-in-g-major-two-cellos

BEETHOVEN - Romance, Op.40 in G Major, Op. 40 / originally for violin and orchestra, but its interpretation with cello was already possible in the second half of the 19th century due to the arrangement of Friedrich Grützmacher. Taking his work as a base, Johnstone now produces a version for SIX cellos, or for a Cello Orchestra (a cello soloist and orchestra).


Link: http://www.johnstone-music.co.uk/portada/free-transcriptions/4/152/beethoven-romance-op40-six-cellos-or-cello-orchestra

As always, all downloads are FREE !


[24/05/2010] - New version of Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5 for 12 Cellos by Johnstone

Johnstone has improved his transcription of the Hungarian Dance No.5 of Johannes Brahms, giving each parte a little more individuality, and with a presentation of the parts in improved ease of reading.

 Free Download: http://www.johnstone-music.co.uk/portada/free-transcriptions/4/45/brahms-hungarian-dance-no5-twelve-cellos

[10/05/2010] - VIth International Chamber Music Course-Festival “CHAMBERart”, Madrid 2010


JOAN BORRÀS, clarinettist of B3 CLASSIC TRIO, will be a professor/tutor in this course recommended by johnstone-music:

The Asociación de Música de Cámara de Madrid, announces the VI Curso-Festival Internacional de Música de Cámara “CHAMBERart”, Madrid 2010.

.    The Course-Festival will be held from Monday 12th July to Thursday 22nd July, and is appropiate both for professionals and for students of all levels of the following instruments: violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar, singing, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, horn, tuba and percussion.

·    There will be some days of intensive study of chamber music works followed by their presentation in public concerts thereafter.
·    The different groups will be formed taking into account the level of the participants.
·    It is possible for already formed groups to participate, but it is not necessary.
·    The official languages during the course will be Spanish and English.

Direct Link: http://www.festivalchamberart.com/web/index.php 




An excellent disc which comes into the market from the hands of Warner Music. The B3 Classic Trio continue their path with an excellent recording, one of great stature, and one which will refresh the chamber music panorama with the recording of works by Gyrowetz, Hartmann and Paul Juon.


Clarinet, cello and piano are all that is needed to recuperate scores which are not too well known, but offer the very best that chamber music has to offer. An exquisite interpretation of this music which deserves to be rescued from the neglect of concert programmers. This is truly a discovery and an important event; one which we can whole-heartedly recommend.




La Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias de la Música nomina al Trio B3 Classic como candidato al premio "mejor intérprete de música clásica" en su XIII Edición de los Premios de la Música :


The B3 classic trio have been put forward for contention of the Spanish Performing Rights Society National award for classical music for their successful CDs 'Chamber Music Discoveries' and 'New Chamber Music Discoveries'.

B3 Classic announce:The programme of Spanish National Television - Conciertos de La 2 - will schedule on the Sundays 7th and 14th September, at 8.00 a.m. two concerts of the trio B3 CLASSIC.  The members are Joan Borràs - clarinet, David Johnstone - cello and Joanjo Albinyana - piano. They have a career of 15 years together making chamber music.



Chamber Music Discoveries. Robert Kahn: Trío en Sol menor, Op.45; Jonathan Socrates Febland: English Suite; Rodney Newton: Suite World of the Sea; Jorge Grundman: Adagio; David Johnstone: Fantasy and Dance (de ‘Dr. Vesalius’). Trío B3 Classic: Joan Borrás, clarinete; David Johnstone, violonchelo; Joanjo Albinyana, piano. Javier Monteverde, productor y editor. Un disco compacto de 66 minutos de duración, grabado entre el 24 y el 29 de julio de 2007 en los estudios de Cezanne Producciones, Las Rozas (Madrid). Warner Music
Juan Krakenberger

Musical Critic – Juan Krakenberger “Discoveries”

In the digital magazine ‘Mundo Clásico’


The five works which form the repertoire of this CD, in spite of their compositional dates, do not obey what we understand today is categorized under the name of ‘contemporary music’. All the works are tonal, with rhythms and harmonies that we could call traditional, and all are very agreeable to listen to, some with special charisma. They are true discoveries … above all the trio of Kahn, and for this reason the English title to the CD is very apt, in spite of this being a 100% Spanish production - and if only this could be exported with success …

It is a great merit for the trio to have ‘taken out of the grave’ the Trio, Op. 45 of Robert Kahn (1865-1951). The style oscillates between romanticism and post-romanticism, and the version offered by the trio ‘B3 Classic’ is excellent, both from a technical and a musical point of view.

The English Suite of Jonathan S. FeBland (b.1960) has three movements … the ten and a half minutes duration of this composition is so pleasurable to hear.

The other suite, of Rodney Newton (b.1945), which is titled ‘World of the Sea’, paints seven sea scenes … again, we are talking of very agreeable music, and in which maritime impressions are very suggestively contemplated.

The last two works are an Adagio of the Spaniard Jorge Grundman (b.1961), and a Fantasy and Dance by the trio’s cellist, David Johnstone (b.1959), now a naturalised Spaniard himself. In the first work there is an attractive duo of clarinet and cello … and Johnstone’s work starts with a slow introduction which opens into a playful dance.

The interpretation of every work is impeccable, stylistically very correct, and of a refined sonorous quality. The sound recording, very well achieved: while listening to the recording one believes that the three musicians are right alongside, something which is especially welcoming in the field of chamber music.

The fact that we have not heard more of them demonstrates, once again, what little interest is paid to chamber music so well played in Spain. So it should not surprise us that some of their major achievements have been gained in foreign countries.

And for those who do indeed like the intimate sonority of a trio of clarinet, cello and piano who play so well, this is a perfect occasion to spend a good time.

Recommended !!




Related Themes
Robert Kahn, Jonathan Febland, Rodney Newton, Jorge Grundman, David Johnstone, Albinyana, Borrás      


[04/03/2008] -'B3 Classic' trio will premiere FeBland in Valencia

The performance of the trio 'B3 Classic' in Alcoi (Alcoy), Valencia, has the novelty of a world premiere by the well-known British composer Jonathan FeBland - with his presence in the event!

The Miniature Jazz Suite consists of 4 short and virtuoso movements, which play on the frontier

between the 'classical' and the 'jazz' worlds. Of real interest for those interested to see the styles and English compositional movements of the twenty-first century, and this composer has unquestionable ability in orchestration.

About the composer:





[06/01/2008] - CD Chamber Music Discoveries has British/World-Wide Distribution

 This CD is now available from CREIGHTON'S COLLECTION of Great Britain. These are the easy steps for the English-speaking world:-

Enter     www.creightonscollection.co.uk

Click 'Recordings A - Z' / Click 'Orchestral/Chamber' / Click 'Chamber Music Discoveries'      There is a mountain of information - a luxury!!

Concierto de B3 Classic en Ontinyent

Now on Sale in Specialist Music Shops:  

FNAC, Corte Inglés, etc...



Chamber Music Discoveries by Trio B3 Classic
Works by Robert Kahn, Jonathan FeBland, Rodney Newton, Jorge Grundman Isla and David

CD Cover: Chamber Music Discoveries by Trio B3 Classic

Since its formation in 1992 this trio of clarinet, cello and piano is one of the few stable, consolidated and well-known ensembles of this kind in Europe, and a reference in the present day musical panorama in Spain. “B3 Classic” draw attention to the history of the chamber music repertoire for these three instruments (they undertake valuable and creative investigative work) as well as involving itself in the more contemporary creation. Such fruits can be seen in the present disc – especially the recuperation of a wonderful romantic trio of Kahn (legacy of Brahms), and their championing of the English composers Jonathan S. FeBland and Rodney Newton. Their attitude has fully impressed Warner Music (Spain) who offer them future recordings.

Buy this album now   

"excellent ensemble playing and very well recorded. The English Suite (FeBland) works brilliantly as a trio - very exciting music and they play this with real rhythmic precision. Most impressive..." 

JLM Artistas - Agencia Londinense de conciertos... ). 

  The Presentation of the 'Chamber Music Discoveries' CD


Concert AIDS World Day

The Trio B3 Classic presents their new CD:
“Chamber Music Discoveries”

A special concert takes place on 4th December (7.30pm), in the Auditorium 'Conde de Duque', with  the benefits going to Medicus Mundi,The event also will be a reminder  of AIDS International Day. Full details available from Medicus Mundi en the web-page:  www.nonprofitmusic.org. After the performance there will be the possibility to obtain the CD 'Chamber Music Discoveries' (produced by Warner Music) at a special price. The profits from the sales of this CD will go to Medicus Mundi.